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The SABR (Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy) was created in 2007 to address the shortage of SABR centres.

The steering committee includes:

  • Matthew Hatton (Chair)
  • Nicholas van As (Chair)
  • Angela Baker (Secretary)
  • Nazia Mohammed (Treasurer)
  • Christy Goldsmith (Deputy Treasurer)
  • Maria Hawkins (Research Lead)
  • Yatman Tsang (Communications Lead)
  • Gail Distefano (QA Lead)
  • Gareth Webster (Guidelines Lead)

The committee members are:

  • Chris Dean
  • Kevin Franks
  • Gerry Hanna
  • David Landau
  • Clive Peedell
  • Carole Steadman

SABR Guidelines

V5.1 of the UK SABR Consortium guidelines are now available from the secretariat.

Please contact Profile Productions at sabr@profileproductions.co.uk if you require a copy.

SABR Constitution

For more information about the UK SABR Consortium please download a copy of the most up to date constitution by clicking here.