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NHS England Commissioning Position on SABR

In March 2020 NHS England took the welcome decision to expand the number of centres commissioned to deliver SABR for primary lung cancer in addition to metachronous extracranial metastases see link and hepatocellular carcinoma see link as a result of the positive outcomes from the Commissioning through Evaluation (CtE) programme.

The present situation with COVID-19 has led to an increased focus on SABR as a practical means for departments to cope with potential surges in demand on our linear accelerators as we come through and out of the pandemic. However, although the technology for SABR might be widely available, it is imperative that the risks associated with the complex planning and delivery of much higher radiation doses per session are adequately mitigated. We have always maintained that this should happen through properly resourced implementation programmes within supportive frameworks that include education, mentorship, and external validation.

NHS England have committed to funding a SABR Expansion Programme which blends mentorship and quality assurance for centres wishing to expand. The UK SABR Consortium aim to supplement this programme with SABR educational elements throughout 2020-21 including the SABR conference 2020.

Although only centres in England will be funded by this expansion programme, those centres in the UK devolved nations that wish to follow a similar model for expansion are encouraged to enquire to RTTQA to make bespoke arrangements sabrcteqa.enh-tr@nhs.net.