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With the current expansion of SABR services in the UK, a number of multidisciplinary technical radiotherapy workshops have been developed by the UK SABR Consortium in collaboration with The Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) and the National Radiotherapy Trials Quality Assurance (RTTQA) Group to support centres in delivering this technique safely and effectively.

These workshops have comprised of presentations from national and international experts in the field as well as open forum discussions where attendees were able to submit their questions to a panel. Some of the study days have also included pre-course activities (contouring and planning).

Since 2022, some of these educational events have been recorded and made available on the RCR Learning hub on their website: https://www.rcr.ac.uk/college/rcr-learning/rcr-learning-hub

Below is a list of all the workshops carried out to date and a full programme can be shown by clicking on each one.

  1. Motion management for abdominal lesions MDT (Nov 2019)
  2. Lung, bone & node oligometastases for clinical oncologists (Oct 2020)
  3. Liver primary & oligometastases MDT (July 2021)
  4. Lung, bone & node oligometastases for clinical oncologists repeat (Sept 2021)
  5. Re-irradiation for clinical oncologists (Oct 2021)
  6. Pancreas primary MDT (Nov 2022)
  7. Motion management MDT (Nov 2022)
  8. Adrenal oligometastases & pancreas primary repeat MDT (May 2023)
  9. Spine oligometastases MDT (Oct 2023)

For information on any planned future UK SABR Consortium workshops, please contact the Secretariat sabr@profileproductions.co.uk